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Making things meaningful

Making things meaningful
Isla Mujeres from the sky ☁️

I received James Clear's 3-2-1 Newsletter in my inbox this morning, which talked about luxury purchases, the meaning of life, and what procrastination reveals. A few quotes from the newsletter resonated with me:

"The secret is not to find the meaning of life, but to use your life to make things that are meaningful."
- James Clear

This quote encapsulates my recent wedding experience. Wedding planning for me wasn't just about crossing off tasks. Rather, it was a fun experience shared with my friends. The details brought together a perfect wedding night, but the true magic was found on the catamaran, golf carts, and around dinner tables in the days leading up to it. Those moments of laughter, shared excitement, and quality time with my friends and family were just as meaningful as the wedding day celebration itself.

"Do things for your own satisfaction. Consider praise from others to be a bonus. If you don’t work for their validation in the first place, you won’t need it to feel satisfied once it’s done."
- James Clear

I often give this advice to my mentees – focus on being proud of yourself, not seeking validation from someone else. According to Ali Abdaal, doing things for your own satisfaction also helps you stay motivated. In his video, Why you struggle to stay motivated, Ali talks about 4 types of motivation:

  • External Motivation: I'm doing this because important people will like and respect me more if I do
  • Introjected Motivation: I'm doing this because I'll feel guilty or bad about myself if I don't
  • Identified Motivation: I'm doing this because I truly value the goal and it's helping me work towards.
  • Intrinsic Motivation: I'm doing this because I love the process as an end in itself.

The more we move towards the intrinsic end of the spectrum, the more autonomous we will feel.

"A fit body, a calm mind, a house full of love. These things cannot be bought — they must be earned."
- Naval Ravikant

Achieving these things for me has been a journey of self-discovery, creating intentional habits, and focusing on doing what works for me. Although I think it is debatable these things can't be bought. Working with a personal trainer, having the flexibility to travel, and throwing an epic wedding celebration in Isla Mujeres has certainly helped bring me a fit body, a calm mind, and a house full of love.