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Photo by Sarah Brown / Unsplash

I started reading "Your Money or Your Life" by Vicki Robin today, and feel inspired to declutter my life when I'm back in NYC next week.

Robins's definition of clutter struck me:

Clutter is anything that is excess—for you. It’s whatever you have that doesn’t serve you, yet takes up space in your world.

It reminded me of the KonMari method, where letting go isn't about deprivation, it's about choosing what sparks joy:

To let go of clutter, then, is not dearth (lack); it’s lightening up and opening up space for something new to happen. As self evident as these ideas may be, many people experience a subtle (or not so subtle) resistance to letting them in. This is why downscaling, frugality, and thrift sound like deprivation, lack, and need. On the contrary! Enough is a wide and stable plateau. It is a place of alertness, creativity, and freedom. From this place, being suffocated under a mountain of clutter that must be stored, cleaned, moved, gotten rid of, and paid for on time is a fate worse than dearth.

Clutter isn't just physical stuff, but also:

  • Draining activities: events or habits that kill your energy, whether it is social obligations or endless screen time
  • Disorganized routines: busy days devoid of fulfillment
  • Endless to-do lists: tasks that never get done, creating a sense of overwhelm
  • Negative mindsets: fear-driven decisions and limiting beliefs
  • Wasted time: unplanned errands that eat into your day

Clutter is anything that takes up space in your life without serving you.

Decluttering isn't just about a tidy apartment. It's about creating a life free from unnecessary burdens. Removing this clutter makes space for what truly matters.

Robins encourages finding your personal "enough," not aiming for some minimalist ideal. It's about having what you need and love, without the excess. Find "enough" is a personal journey to discover that Goldilocks feeling of "just right."

Stay tuned to see how this decluttering journey unfolds when I'm back in NYC!