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Exercising in 2023

Exercising in 2023
Photo by Josh Gordon / Unsplash

Before 2023, exercising wasn't a regular part of my routine. I would occasionally go for a run here and there, but nothing stuck consistently.

At the start of last year, I was determined to change this pattern. Like many people at the start of a new year, my New Year's resolution for 2023 was to establish a more consistent fitness routine.

Between joining the Badass Lady Gang and hiring a personal trainer, I managed to turn this resolution into a reality!

Strength Training

One of the routines I adopted was strength training every Tuesday and Thursday with my trainer. Our Tuesday sessions focused on benching and deadlifting, while Thursdays involved squats, TRX rows, and other exercises.

Overall, I feel a lot stronger than I do a year ago. The standout progress has been in my deadlifts. Despite some fluctuations, mainly during vacations, the overall trend line has been strongly upward! I began deadlifting at 95 lbs on March 31, 2023, and reached a peak of 205 lbs:

Started deadlifting at 95lbs, peaked at 205lbs! Note: These weights were done at varying sets and reps, so it is not a clear indicator of my true 1 rep max. Most of the time, I was doing 3 sets of 5 reps.


I also ran a lot in 2023. An exciting milestone was completing the TCS New York City Marathon 9+1 Program. I'll be running the NYC Marathon this November!

My 9+1 qualifying events

Beyond Exercising

Like many people, I started exercising because I wanted to lose weight. A year later, my perspective on exercise has shifted. I don't really associate exercise with weight loss anymore. Rather, I find motivation in the unexpected benefits that have accompanied my fitness journey. While I'm not one of those magically motivated individuals who works out just to feel good that day, I have found several reasons to keep moving forward:

  • I used to have intense knee and ankle pain after a long walk. This made it difficult for me to go on long hikes when I visited national parks, and I was constantly in-and-out of physical therapy. After months of consistent strength training, I can now keep up with my athletic friends and enjoy 10-mile hikes, pain-free!
  • Sprinting to catch a train used to be a challenge; now it feels like an adventure. It is fun to feel the impact of my cardio training in those exhilarating moments.
  • Being able to lift significantly more than my body weight has felt incredibly empowering.
  • Running with friends, especially the Badass Lady Gang, has helped me break out of my tech bubble and become part of a supportive community.
  • Establishing a routine has brought calmness and predictability to my mornings. I used to roll out of bed whenever I felt like it. Now I hit the gym every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday without fail, turning it into a part of my morning ritual.
  • I've always been an upbeat person, but working out has elevated my baseline happiness.
  • Conquering hard physical challenges has increased my mental resilience. After a hard workout, I feel more confident in tackling workplace challenges too.

I'm so excited for the NYC Marathon this November, and all the challenges and triumphs that lie ahead as I begin my training!