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This isn’t about me

This isn’t about me
Photo by Mark Olsen / Unsplash

One of the things that used to make me really upset is when people were outright rude or blame me for things that I felt was not my fault.

I would immediately go to a place of “what did I do wrong?” and search the universe for all the things that I could have done differently to make the situation better.

Today, someone gave me feedback that I didn’t agree with and didn’t like about how they thought I should be spending my time. Rather than fight it, I realized how powerful it is to be able to see the feedback as a signal, and not feel compelled to fix the situation. I was able to think to myself — “this isn’t about me” — thank them for their input, and move on with my day.

It was an incredibly empowering moment to find myself recognizing that this wasn’t my stuff to deal with, and to leave that task alone.