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60 days of writing

60 days of writing
Photo by madeleine ragsdale / Unsplash

Today is February 29th, which means 60 consecutive days of writing on the View from JQ. Reflecting on my reasons to write:

Writing to remember

Last month, I wrote about the special little moments leading up to my wedding. This month, I tried to capture the joy of my wedding week and mini-moon. Putting the happiness I felt the last few weeks into words was challenging, so I primarily relied on pictures. Whether it was sailing on a catamaran, dinners and penthouse parties, floating in the ocean, or dancing under the stars, everything in life really is better when surrounded by your family and friends. I also tried capturing our mini-moon through snapshots of our meals, cocktails, and amentities at the resorts.

Writing to think

I didn't think much while I was on vacation. Before I left, I put a lot of thought into wrapping up my work commitments in a way that would allow me to fully enjoy my time off and feel excited about coming back. I successfully launched a private preview of a new product just days before leaving, freeing me up to focus on other projects when I return. I reflected on my leadership style, my north star, and my strengths. I also intentionally let the small things bother me to help me diagnose and proactively fix problems.

While vacationing, I read two books: Your Money or Your Life and the Coaching Habit. I wanted to write more about the insight I gained from these books, but not as much as I wanted to spend time by the pool. I plan to reflect more on these readings during my staycation in the next few days.

Writing to connect

The View from JQ saw a surge in subscribers in February, reaching an all-time high of 13 this month (👋 friends!), up from 3 in January. As I've gotten more comfortable sharing this blog with friends, it has evolved into a fun way to share updates about my life.

My content this past month has been much more personal. I'm happy I made a conscious decision from the beginning not to fixate on subscriber count. This mindset let me feel free to write not only about technical leadership, but rather whatever feels fun to write on any given day. I still care a lot about hitting that publish button every day, and I think that the best way to do so is to keep this process fun.

The past few months for me has largely been about launching my project and planning my wedding. As we head into March, I'm not sure what my focus is going to be, professionally or personally. However, I plan to keep writing on the View from JQ, and use this as a place where I can always find sunshine.