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Two dinners are better than one

Two dinners are better than one

We checked into Hotel Xcaret Arte today, taking advantage of a fantastic Black Friday deal for the second leg of our honeymoon. While we enjoyed our luxury villa at Viceroy Riviera Maya, it wasn't an all-inclusive resort. If there's anything I love as much as floating, it's eating, so I was eager to indulge in the all-inclusive benefits. We began our adventure with two dinners:

Chino Poblano

Chino Poblano offers an 8-course tasting menu that combines Chinese and Mexican cuisines. We were initially told by the concierge that the restaurant was fully booked for the week. However, they encouraged us to stop by the restaurant in case of cancellations. We were lucky enough to get a table, and the tasting did not disappoint! Here's a glimpse of our tasting experience:


I Act Snacks

  • Peanut...
  • Smoke Chili Tartalet + Cantina Tartar + Quelites
  • Cantonese Rib + Smoke Chipotle

II Act The Sea

  • Clam + Ceviche + keffir
  • Crispy Seaweed Hamachi + Chintextle + Ikura
  • Lobster + Scallops + Coconut Aguachile Shiso

III Act Steam & IV Act The Ramen

  • Dim Sum: Pork belly "Almond Mole" and Crab Minilla + XO Chilpachole
  • Birria-men
  • Crispy Taco + salsa borracha

V Act "Sky & Earth"

  • Pekin Duck Poblano
  • Mole Carnitas char siu
  • Peanut Mole

VI Act Final

  • "Citrus Coconut" Rice Milk
  • Tonka Bean Chocolat
  • Vanilla + Sesame

VII Act "The Parian Jewelers" & VIII Act Souvenir

  • Eggnog Bombom Peanut Bombom
  • Pumpking seeds Bombom
  • Aerial Coconut
  • Lucky Cookie by Xcaret


While waiting to get off the waitlist at Chino Poblano, we also put our names down for a late reservation at Tah-Xido next door. After finishing our 8-course feast, we still felt a bit peckish, so we decided to visit the teppanyaki station:


Overall, our dinners at Hotel Xcaret Arte has been an awesome start to the second part of our mini-moon. As guests of the hotel we have access to all of their parks, and we spent our afternoon at the main Xcaret Park. Of course, what would a perfect day be without some floating?

Floating in the underground rivers of Ixcaret Park