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My Leadership Style

My Leadership Style
Photo by Jem Sahagun / Unsplash

Today someone said to me:

I really enjoy your leadership style. Upbeat, clear, fun, and assertive.

Hearing this compliment was incredibly heartwarming. A few years ago, I would have assumed that being fun and upbeat would be at odds with being direct and assertive. This compliment not only affirmed my approach, but made me realize that is exactly who I want to be as a leader.

Today I also had a tough conversation to address some office politics on my team. I have never been a fan of office politics, and I've made it a point to shut it down whenever it surfaces. It hasn't been easy, but at some point I realized that the discomfort of avoiding these conversations was worse than just addressing them directly. Knowing that I am capable of quelling this negativity, enables me to have a fun and upbeat attitude the rest of the time.

Contrary to what I used to think, being fun and upbeat while clear and assertive are qualities that actually complement each other. Embodying all of these characteristics at the same time is the leader I want to continue to be.