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Moving from Medium to Ghost

Moving from Medium to Ghost
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters / Unsplash

As of today, I have consistently maintained my writing streak for all eight days in 2024! I am really proud of myself. I'm beginning to resonate with Seth Godin's perspective on writing just because it is tomorrow.

Yesterday, I made the decision to transfer my writing platform from Medium to Ghost and officially launched theviewfromjq.com. Despite the new cost of $9 per month with an annual subscription to host my posts, I find comfort in knowing that I truly own my content.

Even though I'm sure it would be unlikely, I was concerned that Medium has the right to deactivate my account and delete my content "without notice, for any reason". Migrating my content to somewhere I know I have full control brings me a little more peace of mind.

I did love the simplicity and community that Medium provided, and I plan to continue cross-posting there with a canonical link.

Now that I've transitioned to Ghost, you also have the option to subscribe to my writing as a newsletter. I hope you enjoy theviewfromjq.com, and thanks for joining me on my writing adventure!