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Let the small things bother you

Let the small things bother you
Photo by Felice Wölke / Unsplash

People often like to give the advice of "don't sweat the small stuff" and "let the small things go." I have tried following this advice in the past, but often found myself struggling with the execution. How do you let it go?

I've tried to shove down my feelings in the past, but they always managed to find a way to resurface in the most unexpected ways.

More recently, I've decided to take a different approach. I let the small things bother me, and I acknowledge their presence. I give myself permission to feel uneasy, so that these feelings can bubble up to the surface. Then, after sitting with the discomfort, I decide what to do.

My north star this week was to tie up loose ends, end my week on a relaxing note, and set myself up feeling excited to come back. I'm happy to share that my mission has been accomplished!

I think the reason I feel lighter lately is because I finally took care of the things that had been weighing me down. I had those uncomfortable conversations I'd been putting off, and I addressed those lingering issues that had been bothering me. By letting the small stuff bother me, I've found it easier to identify my true feelings honestly, and say what is true to me in a way that feels honest, authentic, and purposeful.

That leaves me feeling completely unburdened as I head into my wedding and 3-week vacation! 🏖️