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Finding time to learn

Finding time to learn
Photo by Aron Visuals / Unsplash

Recently I was reading a coworker's blog, and really impressed by the technical depth of his work. I was surprised that he was able to spend so much time diving into new technologies and asked him how he found the time to do this stuff.

Here are a few tips he gave me that I found helpful:

  • Think of it as work-related education, and carve out the focus hours during work time. Writing the blog post might be a personal endeavor, but learning and experimenting clearly fits under work hours.
  • There is a lot of noise and ignoring it is challenging, but you simply just need to carve out the time. Saying it out loud sounds simpler than it really is.
  • Do the technical work on a non-work machine, so that you can close your laptop and resist the urge to check chat and email for those few hours. Use the fact that you work on OSS work to your advantage.

Lastly, he took a look at my calendar and commented that it looks really bad. I'm fixing it.