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Easy like Friday mornings

Easy like Friday mornings
Photo by Fahmi Fakhrudin / Unsplash

This week has been incredibly hectic, and what feels good to me right now is giving myself the permission to operate at a slower pace.

Lately, I've been experimenting with slowing things down, rather than trying to always be "productive." I pride myself on my ability to get things done, and I'm very biased towards action. However, sometimes I think the best thing we can do is actually sit with our problems, reflect on the possible outcomes, and delay taking immediate action.

Today feels like one of those days. There are so many things swirling around in my head, as I prepare for my upcoming wedding and vacation. I feel this intense pressure to get everything before I am out of office. However, I woke up this morning and made a conscious decision to slow things done.

There are some decisions at work that I would normally want to be involved in, and they may move forward without me. I might not be okay with the outcome, and that's okay.

There are some projects that I hoped to finish before I leave for vacation. These are being delayed for reasons outside my control. I'm choosing to accept that they will launch when the time is right.

There are some ideas that I had for my wedding, and I may not have the time to execute on them. That's okay too. When my wedding day arrives, I know that I won't be focused on the little details, but on the extraordinary moments I'll get to spend with the people I love.

Getting married is a huge milestone. I want to focus my energy this month on celebrating, and I refuse to let work or anything else spoil that for me. I plan to remember February 2024 for the love and the laughter I'm going to share with my friends and family. Even if it hasn't happened yet, I know for sure, that I'll remember those moments on Isla Mujeres in a few weeks, more than any job I will ever have.

Sometimes, you just need an easy morning to yourself when the world around you is feeling a little crazy. Today, I needed an easy Friday morning, so I took the time to create that ease for myself.

I started my day with a workout. I sprinted up the hill in Pier 57 nine times, while my trainer Genaro timed me and told me each time to run faster. I then did jumping exercises, collapsing on the floor in between sets. I currently find myself sipping on a coffee and a blueberry mocktail at the Google cafe, casually catching up with friends over Chat. I am sure that whatever doesn't get done as I'm busy finishing my Friday morning beverages, will also be okay.